The campsite is near the village, where you will find a selection of shops and services accessible on foot. If needed, other larger stores and services can be found 5km to the south in Guillestre or to the north in L’Argentière-La Bessée.

Saint-Crépin is a medieval village at built in a spiral around the church at an altitude of 910m. It is also known for its Spanish juniper footpath, which leads to the hamlet Les Guions. Rare specimens of this tree species, some of which are thousands of years old, are found all along this footpath.



Bathe in the mountain lakes

The lakes of Eygliers, Embrun and La Roche de Rame around the campsite are just a short distance away.

Silver mines in L’Argentière-La Bessée

The silver-lead deposit in the small valley of Le Fournel is one of the main sites in Alps and was exploited until 1908. Today, an unusual tour awaits you at the mine, taking you through an extraordinary underground world.

Spanish juniper footpath

Discover all the Spanish junipers growing along the former mule path to Le Guions, rising up to an altitude of 1,280m. Éléphante is a juniper tree more than 1,000 years old, roughly half-way along the footpath. Take the picturesque route back via the steep but well-maintained Combal-in-gran path.

Petrified Fountain

There is a geological curiosity just a few kilometres from the campsite, in Réotier. The Petrified Fountain and the hot spring of Plan de Phazy (a few kilometres away) originate from the Durance fault, and their water is naturally hot. Plan de Phazy thermal spring is a hot source: visitors can bathe in one of the four nearby pools that have been created.


Mont-Dauphin fortifications

Mont-Dauphin stronghold is a short drive from the campsite. This site is listed as UNESCO heritage for its Vauban fortifications.

The fairies’ route in Crévoux

Every year, more than 30,000 visitors are delighted by the originality of this unusual, innovative and unique project. An easy artistic route through beautiful natural scenery, at the bottom of the Crévoux valley and Razis waterfall.


Rafting, paddling, kayaking, canyoning… Adventure in white water.

The Durance river is an essential spot for white water sports in the Hautes-Alpes and Europe. The “Rafting, Paddle & Co” guides and instructors are based at the entrance of the campsite and offer activities from May to October on nearby rivers, as well as calm water activities on Lake Saint-Crépin. Enjoy special offers on your first rental and river descents in kayaks, rafts, airboats, and stand-up paddling with the privileges card provided for free upon arrival at the campsite.

Discover magnificent canyoning routes suited for different levels of experience across France and Italy. 

“Rafting, Paddle & Co”… The white water adventure accessible for all from 5 years of age.

For information and reservations, call 07 55 67 01 49 or go to

Hiking in Queyras and Écrins

Hiking in Queyras and Écrins

Hike the multiple trails starting from Saint-Crépin and the surrounding area.
For a day trip, you can also opt for routes in the Queyras park, or in the Guillestrois or Vallouise areas.

The preservation and quality of the natural, architectural and cultural heritage resulting from its history and geography have helped the Hautes-Alpes to become a well-known and widely appreciated holiday destination.

Take a guided tour to find out more about Saint-Crépin and the Guillestrois area. 

Take a guided tour to find out more about Saint-Crépin and the Guillestrois area. 


Marked MTB circuits will guide you around the Saint-Crépin, Mont-Dauphin and Guillestre area. Visit the Komoot community website for more ideas: 

Rock climbing

The Saint-Crépin site overlooks the village, and there are other sites nearby in Champcella. Via ferrata routes and adventure parks located nearby mean everyone can make the most of the mountain environment.

Rock climbing sites around the campsite


Saint-Crépin aerodrome, which is accessible on foot, is a well-known spot for mountain gliding. The gliders, pulled by a cable, offer an alternative activity to visit the region and enjoy the superb landscapes in total silence, far from any noise. 


For more information on a multitude of activities in our region, visit the Guillestrois-Queyras tourist office website: